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How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers in New Jersey

wedding flowers new jerseyYour wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s the start of the life that you’ll share with your spouse, and it’s a celebration of your future together. It’s only natural to want that celebration that to be perfect, and creating a beautiful atmosphere is one critical part of throwing a beautiful ceremony and reception, and your flowers a major of that.

Choosing wedding flowers in New Jersey can be difficult. When you choose Haworth Flower Shop as your New Jersey florist, we’ll work with you to custom select and design your floral arrangements. We’ve also put together a list of helpful tips for choosing flowers for your wedding.

Be Prepared When Shopping for Wedding Flowers in New Jersey

When you meet with your florist, make sure that you’re prepared to work with them. You’ll want to be able to adequately express your goals for your floral arrangements. Be sure you have this information ready for your florist:

  • Your budget. You’ll probably want to spend around 3% of your entire business on flowers and decor. If you don’t have much to spend, don’t worry! Our professionals will work with you to create a beautiful and integral floral design with what you have, and we know the best ways to save!
  • Your numbers. Make sure you have at least an estimate of the number of guests that you’ll have, as well as the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and/or other participants in the ceremony.
  • Your style. Have a general idea of what sort of look you want your floral design to have, whether it’s lavish, romantic, contemporary, or traditional. You should also have your color scheme in mind.

Ask the Right Questions

Your florist is a member of your team, and you’re the coach. When you’re working with a florist to design your wedding flowers in New Jersey, be sure to ask these questions:

  • “What flowers are least likely to wilt over the course of our wedding? Do they fit into my budget?”
  • “How will you handle substitutions if any flowers I order aren’t available on my wedding day?”
  • “Do you guarantee that the flowers will be fresh and arrive on time?”

Be sure to ask any other questions that will make you more confident in your florist’s ability to satisfy all of your needs.

Remember That Not All Flowers Will Be in Season

When you’re choosing the flowers for your wedding, it’s always a good idea to choose flowers that are in season. In-season flowers will be healthiest and freshest, and they’ll also be a great design choice because the season is an integral a part of your wedding’s design as anything else.

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