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4 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Flowers For Your Big Day

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The big day is fast approaching, and with so many things on your plate between booking your venue, solidifying your guest list, and making sure you have everything set up right with the caterer, flowers might seem like they are going to be one of the easier things to organize for your big day. However, just like every other thing that you need to get ready for your wedding, it is worth putting in a little bit of extra effort now so that you can have a beautiful array of flowers for your wedding day.

Here at Haworth Flower Shop, we want your flowers to be beautiful and to help you create the picturesque scene that you had always imaged for your wedding. To help you with that, we have put together a short list of expert tips to help find the perfect flowers for your big day.

Be Open Minded About Your Flowers

Taking the time to find out what New Jersey flowers will be available at the time of your¬†New Jersey wedding can go a long way in making the task of deciding on the flowers for your wedding a smooth process. There are few things more disheartening than having to tell a bride and groom who had a particular type of flower in mind for their ceremony that that particular flower isn’t naturally available at that time of year. There are a great number of different flower types that are available all year round, like roses, hydrangeas, carnations, alstroemeria, callas, and orchids. Doing your research beforehand and having an open mind about the types of flowers that you would be open to on your wedding day is a great way to prevent unneeded headache and additional stress while planning.

Keep An Open Mind About Color Too

One thing that many people don’t understand about flowers is that their color is never exact. Our professional florists can help you better understand the undertones of each flower and the different varieties that can work together to help you create the color combinations that you are looking for. Another good thing to keep in mind, especially when looking through the pages of wedding magazines and online articles is that many of the photographs you see in there can be misleading. When photographers go back through these pictures, they will often color correct for skin tone and lighting, which can adjust the flowers’ colors beyond what is actually realistic.

Consider How Your Flowers Are Going To Photograph

While you may have wanted your flowers to be purple and white, when you mix two contrasting colors without any kind of shading, you can easily wind up with something that looks more like polka dots in your wedding pictures. Something to consider in this instance is how the addition of something like a lavender and gray green foliage could help to give everything a softer look and make everything look more natural in your photographs.

Consider A Single Hue

This can be especially helpful if you are having to plan a wedding on a somewhat limited budget. Having a monochromatic color scheme can help your wedding  flowers look more organized and can actually give your ceremony and reception a dash of color that is sure to wow your wedding guests, even if it is only present in small amounts.

If you are looking for a professional florist in New Jersey for your wedding flower arrangements, give us a call today at 201-385-5100 or fill out our online request form.