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How Flowers Can Enhance Your Home’s Interior Design

home flowers new jerseyFlowers have a natural beauty, and they can lend that beauty to any room’s interior design. At Haworth Flower Shop, our expert New Jersey florists are dedicated to creating beautiful floral arrangements that allow our customers to bring the natural beauty of flowers into their lives. We can work with directly to custom design arrangements and select home flowers in New Jersey that will be perfect for your interior design.

Floral displays don’t need to be complicated to boost the appearance and the comfort levels of your home. No matter what kinds of colors or flowers you’re looking for, or what sort of budget you’re working with, our florists will be able to help you enhance your home’s interior design with our fresh-cut flowers. Keep reading for some great tips on how flowers can improve your home’s interior design.

Use Flowers to Complement the Design

Flowers shouldn’t compete with your interior design—they should work with it. You don’t need to have a large, ornate vase or a huge bouquet if your home has a simple interior design style. Often, simpler and more muted floral arrangements can have the biggest impact on the overall feel of the design.

Flowers should complement the design style and be totally integral with it. If you have a modern and subdued interior design, try using elegant flowers, like a classic and simple arrangement of orchids. Complement the hues of your furniture or other design elements with the colors that you choose for your flowers instead of choosing bright colors that will immediately stand out.

Work With Your Color Scheme

There’s no better way to inject some color into your home’s interior design than to add fresh flowers. However, you should always make sure that the colors you’re adding tie in well with your current color scheme. If you have a lot of bright furnishings, choose one key color for your flowers. On the other hand, if f your home has a very minimal color palette, a bright burst of florals can add warmth and energy.

Keep Your Home Flowers in New Jersey Fresh

Fresh flowers always look great and make any room more comfortable. All of the flowers we use at Haworth Flower Shop are fresh-cut when you receive them, but there are still some things that you can do to keep your flowers as fresh as possible. Make the most of your home flowers in New Jersey by keeping them fresh and healthy with these tips:

  • Strip leaves or foliage from the parts of the plant that are below the water line.
  • Change the water every two days, recutting the stems at an angle when you do.
  • Remove wilted flowers.

There’s nothing better than fresh flowers to make your home feel more comfortable and lively. Our florists will be able to ensure that you have the freshest flowers and the best arrangements possible.

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