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How To Pick The Best Flowers For Your Lady’s Birthday In New Jersey

Flowers While some may think giving flowers is cheesy and old-fashioned, most women do adore getting them as gifts. If your lady has a birthday coming up, a flower arrangement from your local New Jersey florist could be just the ticket to her heart.

Let us let you in on a secret. Women love getting flowers at work. There’s nothing better than the looks of jealousy we get when someone delivers us flowers. So many never get flowers in their lifetime, not even one. You can make her day really special by visiting or calling your local florist to deliver her a custom flower arrangement.

But first, why not find out some information about birth month flowers and what message the color can convey to your special lady? Nothing speaks louder to a woman than a thoughtful gift from a man she’s interested in -right ladies? And if you’re not sure about her interest yet, you are sure to get her attention!

Birth Month Flowers She’ll Love

Your special lady may not know that there are certain flowers for her birth month, which can make this gift really thoughtful and special. Winning a lady’s heart involves an investment in romance and a certain amount of thought. With these great flowers from your local New Jersey florist, you’ll see her eyes light up when you tell her why the color has special meaning.

Flowers For January Birthdays

Different flower colors have different meanings. The cinnamon red hot carnation is a January birth flower which conveys passion. Also a January flower, the pink carnation means “you’re unforgettable” while the yellow carnation means “wish you were here.” Another flower you can easily find at your florist in January are snowdrops, which indicate hope and beauty.

Flowers For February Birthdays

The tall, bearded iris called Clarence has beautiful pale blue and violet-blue petals. The contrast is simply lovely. Your local New Jersey florist should have no problem providing you with a custom flower arrangement with either violets or irises. The blue and violet colors represent faithfulness and loyalty.

Flowers For March Birthdays

With the coming of some sunshine in March, the Daffodil is the birth flower for the month. They bloom in early spring most often, which is why they represent new birth and new beginnings. The beautiful sunny yellow-orange petals against the pale white petals mean nothing other than happiness and joy.

Flowers For April Birthdays

Whether you choose daisies or sweet peas, your lady will love having these flowers in her arrangement. The cheerful daisy symbolizes beauty, love or purity, and innocence. New-found or long-term, what’s purer than your love for her? Fresh and sweet, the daisy is a favorite of many women and the delicate sweet pea comes in many beautiful contrasting soft or deep and vibrant colors.

Flowers For May Birthdays

The Lily of the Valley will help you celebrate your lady’s May birthday. The delicate bells give off a wonderfully sweet perfume that will linger in her home or office. The Lily represents happiness, sweetness, and humility.

Flowers For June Birthdays

With roses as a June birthday gift, you can never go wrong. While red roses signify passion, the other colors such as yellow can represent anything from friendship to desire and enthusiasm. Honeysuckle is a fragrant flower for June which represents gratitude, appreciation, and love.

Flowers For July Birthdays

Purple Larkspurs represent first love while white represents a happy spirit. Remember that your flower arrangement can be customized, so you can combine the message you wish to convey! Waterlilies stand for an open and pure heart or majesty. Ask your florist about the Larkspur “Guardian Lavender” which is most beautiful.

Flowers For August Birthdays

Nothing says “Remember me” better than the August flower, Gladiolus. They can also convey the meaning of strength and integrity. The leaves of the gladiolus are sword-shaped which can suggest a love-pierced heart. A flower of old times, they have been associated with magical power.

Flowers For September Birthdays

The September Aster has a bold, strong, and powerful color which represents their meaning. If you have a powerful love for your lady, be sure to use the Aster in your floral arrangement. They can also indicate wisdom and faith.

Flowers For October Birthdays

The burnt-umber Marigold is the perfect flower for October birthdays. The autumn color symbolizes everlasting love and that you are thinking of her. Marigolds have also been used to indicate sadness or sympathy.

Flowers For November Birthdays

The brilliant chrysanthemum is Novembers birthday flower. They come in a wide range of different colors such as yellow, white, orange, violet, red, and variations in between. The white Mum represents innocence and purity as they do in other flowers while yellow signifies neglected love or sorrow. Red is the symbol of love.

Flowers For December Birthdays

There are three beautiful flowers for December birthdays. The Narcissus is a bulb which signifies modesty and faithfulness. The Hollies represent the desire for a happy home. And the Poinsettias signify good cheer.

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