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How to Choose the Right Funeral Flowers

funeral flowersWhen a loved one passes, it is traditional to honor them by sending flowers. This expresses your condolences, as well as pays homage to the life that has passed on. Yet, when faced with the sudden and unexpected need to choose flowers, it may feel like an overwhelming task.

This can be a trying time and your mind may be racing in a hundred different directions. This is normal, which is why the most important detail to take care of is choosing a florist who is compassionate and helpful. So, while your florist should play a large role in helping you select just the right blooms, it doesn’t hurt to have some ideas already in mind.

Say it With Flowers

Not sure where to start, when it comes to picking out just the right flowers? Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

The faith of the deceased should be taken into consideration. For instance, for Greek Orthodox, although most types of flower arrangements are accepted, white is the preferred option. Know a little bit about their faith in order to at least avoid sending something that may be considered inappropriate, especially when everyone’s emotions are running high.

Your own relation to the deceased has a lot to do with the type of arrangement you select, as well. For example, immediate family members contribute pieces like a casket spray, wreath or memorabilia for inside the casket. Yet extended family may opt for a standing spray or informal arrangement.

Of course, you also want to be able to honor the personality of the deceased. If it was widely known that pink was their favorite color, try to incorporate that into your flower choices. Obviously, if you happen to know their favorite flower, this is a great bloom to incorporate into the arrangement.

With that in mind, you also want to select flowers which convey a certain type of message, right down to the color you choose, in some cases. For instance, red roses represent love, respect and courage. Apple blossoms stand for better things to come.

There are certainly other things to keep in mind and your reputable flower expert should be able to help you learn what you need to know.

Trust the Local Leading Experts

Haworth Flower Shop is New Jersey’s premier resource for flower arrangements for every occasion, including funerals. We genuinely care about our customers and want to be able to help make this process easier for you. For compassionate and professional service, you can count on us.

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